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Roland Smith


Football Questions

What are the age and weight limits for each team?

Please see ages & weights

How many games are in a season?

Each age group will play eight regular season games. Players that are on the C team will have the opportunity to play up to two more playoff games depending on their regular season record. Players that are on the A and B teams will have the opportunity to play up to three more playoff games depending on their regular season record.


When and where are the games played?

All home games will be played on Windsor High School.

All away games will be played at our opponents respective home fields. All games will follow the same game time schedule unless otherwise noted.

Division Kickoff Time
MM 3:00 PM
C 1:00 PM
B 9:00 AM
A 11:00 AM


How long are the games?

Games are generally two hours long. Players should be present 1 hour prior to kickoff in order to weigh in. Each game consists of four 18 minute quarters.


When and where are football practices held?

During the month of August, football practices will be held weeknights, Monday-Friday, from 5:30-7:30PM.  The week Windsor School statrs, practice will be Tuesday & Thursday from 5:30-7PM and Saturday morning for 2 hours from 8am-12 noon.  Each team head coach will set the hours for their team's Saturday practice.

All practices we be held at the Sage Park unless otherwise noted.

*subject to change


What days & times do we practice?

Schedule when school starts for all teams.
Monday: No Practice
Tuesday: Practice from 5:30-7:30 P.M
Thursday: Practice from 5:30-7:30 P.M
Friday: No Practice
Saturday: Practice from 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM  -  Refer to coach for specific times for Saturday
Sunday : Game day (See Schedule Times)

Weight-In are 30 minutes before game start
(If you don't make weight-In you cannot play in the game)

* These practice days are for all levels, no coach can change these times for practice unless they get Director of Head Coaches Approval (Coach Suggs)

How do I find out if a game or practice is canceled do to inclement weather?

Windsor will adhere to Windsor Parks & Recreation field usage standards. therefore if the athletic fields are closed by Parks & Rec, there will be no practice. If the fields are not closed by Parks & Rec and there is inclement weather, Windsor Recreation department will use its discretion in canceling practice. You will be notified by phone or by email.

How many plays will my child participate in during the games?

The Windsor Giants and CTYFL by-laws mandate that all players must participate in at least six (6) plays per game which includes offense, defense, and special teams for the A & B Teams.  C Team And Mite players will participate in at least  six (6) plays per game to include offense and defense.

Hard work will help your child achieve more playing time but 6 plays is the required league rule.


How are positions and playing time determined?


Players will be competing with their peers for playing time at each position during practices and games. Coaches will evaluate each player in order to determine where they can help the team the most and ultimately where they can be the most successful. Players who demonstrate hard work, discipline, and good attendance during practices and games will be rewarded with additional recognition and playing time.


My child participates in additional activities during the football season. How does this effect my child's chances of playing?

Windsor Giants encourages each player to attend and participate in each practice and game. If a player must miss a practice or game, a coach must be notified either by phone call or email. Limited excused absences are acceptable and will be allowed, however excessive absences may result in loss of playing time due to lack of participation.

Unexcused absences may result in immediate loss of playing time.


What does my child need in order to participate in football?

Windsor Giants will supply the following for each player:

Game Jersey and Game Pants
Shoulder Pads
Practice Pants

The following items will need to be purchased in order for your child to participate in practices and games. Click on each item to view a sample of what you will need:

Football Girdle w/3 or 5 pockets , Football Practice Jersey, & Game Socks   

Athletic Cup/Supporter

Football Cleats w/Rubber Spikes - No Metal Spikes!!!!


What does my child need to wear to practice?

Coaches will usually announce the dress code for the next practice. The majority of practices will be held in "Full Pads". Please reference the "Dress Code" for what to wear to practice.

Dress Code for Football
"NO PADS" - Players will need to wear a T-shirt or practice jersey, shorts, and cleats for the first 10 hours of conditioning.

"HELMETS ONLY" - Players will need to wear a T-shirt or practice jersey, shorts, cleats, and helmet.

"SHELLS" - Players will need to wear helmet/mouthpiece, shoulder pads, practice jersey, shorts, and cleats.

"FULL PADS" - Players will need to wear helmet/mouthpiece, shoulder pads, practice jersey, practice pants, girdle, knee/thigh/tailbone pads, cup/supporter, and cleats..


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