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FROM:Marie Kashuba & Maryann Powers
Quinnipiac University Cheer Coaches

It is my personal opinion that the best clinics are those that cater to a team?s specific needs and skill level. That being said please accept this as an informal bid in that any of the recommendations I have noted here are certainly negotiable as we are willing to address what the specific needs & desires of the teams who will attend would like to have made available to them.


We would like to offer a 2 day camp/clinic that would run on a Saturday & Sunday from 9:30 AM ? 2:30 PM on 8/11 ? 8/12/07.


During the 2 ? day clinic ? I suggest teaching all teams a fun ?spirit dance? which can be done on the sidelines (short, sweet & visual). The kids love to dance & at games where both teams know the material ? they can even perform it together for the crowd as a display of good sportsmanship & fun.

Next, all the teams would learn 4 sideline/chants to perform during the games as well. It?s always nice to have some new material to add to your existing material.

Probably what most teams want & need: Stunting technique & skill development. All teams would begin with the basics & we would increase difficulty through progression which is essential for safety reasons. Some teams may be more advanced than others - & we would assess each team individually to gauge the level at which they would progress beyond the basic skills. All the teams would have appropriate training though in the basic skills and then will progress to advanced skills/stunting as we saw fit. We would also spend some time on demonstrating how pyramids are made from individual stunts ? placed together. We can even try to come up with pyramids for each team based off their skill level.

Motion technique & Jumps: All teams would learn motion techniques and jump drills to help coaches work these areas so that they continue to improve those skills long after the camp has ended.

Tumbling: This is always a tricky area. You can?t really teach anyone to tumble in a short amount of time ? but we certainly could train the cheerleaders in beginning tumbling (i.e. ? forward rolls, cartwheels & round ?offs). Anything beyond those skills is a safety issue & is not appropriate for this type of clinic.


?The clinic times I have suggested are for 5 hours ? of which the participants would need to have a lunch break & food would have to be provided for them. We would prefer that your league take care of the food situation & would ask that we as coaches and our staff also be fed if possible.
?Maryann & myself would head the clinic and would staff according to the #?s your league projected with our college cheerleaders assuring that the ratio of staff to students are appropriate for the age group in question.
?I would be happy to provide any references &/or a cheer resume for myself & Maryann if your organization would like to have this info.

I think I?ve covered all the typical questions &/or concerns. As I stated earlier, please remember that we are certainly open to any suggestions &/or changes your league might have/need.

Dates: Saturday/Sunday...August 11 & 12

Times: 9 AM to 2:30 PM

Instructors: Coaches & cheerleaders are from Quinnipiac University

Location: Sage Park Middle School (25 Sage Park Rd, Windsor, CT)

Cost: $40 per girl, $5 per coach.

Cost includes lunch both days
- (pizza one day, Subway the other. Chips and drink included)

Payment Must Accompany Application (See Forms).

Space is limited. (Approx. 75 – 100 cheerleaders)

For more information, contact: Maura Fissell 674-2532 (w) or 205-0351 (c )

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