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There may be occasions when parent and/or player have a concern about some aspect of their cheerleading or football experience. This is normal, and it is imperative to have open lines of communications between coaches, parents and players. Here are some suggestions as to how we can effectively work together:
1)      We will have a Parents Meeting after the registration period and/or prior to the season’s first game. The date of our Parents Meeting is listed on our website and reminder emails will be sent to those Parents who provide an email address. Please arrange your schedule to attend this important meeting! This meeting(s) provides for an open discussion on program philosophy etc. and we welcome your input.
2)      Please remember that all Windsor Giants Coaches and Board Members are VOLUNTEERS. They help run the organization and are on the field with a desire to help teach your kids the game of football or the skills of cheerleading. Many coaches will devote an average of 15 hrs. per week from August-November – 15 weeks- to help your kids. Board Members meet monthly for about 2 hours every month to help plan and manage the operations of the Windsor Giants program.  In addition to the Windsor Giants board meetings, some board members must attend monthly meetings for the league (CTYFL) – abut 2 hours every month-, as well as meetings with Windsor Town representative for field use, and monthly Windsor PAL meetings. Windsor Giants Volunteers can always use some encouragement as well as parents committed to helping the program!  
3)       If you want to speak to a coach about a concern, please consider the following:
·         Did you discuss the issue with your player first? Players often understand why coaches have taken a certain position, which may not be obvious to you.
·         Try not to discuss your issue before practice, as this is generally a very distracting time for the coach. After practice has ended and all players are off the field is the time to discuss an issue with a coach. Please keep in mind, your coach may have other family and/or work obligations after practice. If your coach cannot meet with you after practice, you will have to set up a different time to discuss your concerns with the coach.  Please check with your coach for the best time to discuss concerns.
·         We encourage you to email and/or set up a specific time to call or meet with coaches to discuss your concern(s).
·         Please avoid talking to coaches in front of other players.
·         Before and after games is usually not a good time to express your thoughts and/or concerns, as emotions are generally high.
4)      Speaking to a Board Member and/or Parent Liaison can also help to facilitate communication with parents and coaches, and organization volunteers.  If you have tried speaking with a coach, or are uncomfortable doing so please contact the respective Cheerleading or Football Director. For concerns not related to cheerleading or football, feel free to talk with a Windsor Giants Board Member.
5)      Coaches need to know what is happening with every player. Events in a young player’s life will often manifest themselves on the field. Problems at home or school can impact play and sometimes your child’s ability to effectively interact with his teammates and coaches. Coaches do not need to know your personal family matters if they are private, and you are not comfortable sharing the information. However, at least let the coach(es) know if your child may be dealing with an event or issue that may distract him/her from positive interaction with teammates and coaches.   Sometimes coaches may be able help you and/or your child deal with a particular event or issue that has a negative impact on your child. In the past, coaches have helped parents to assist in making sure that proper emphasis is placed on academics, and that their child is fully aware that scholarly pursuits come before athletics. As an example, many times coaches have the ability to get their players attention by leveraging playing time. Please see your child’s head coach if you have any questions
6)      We sincerely believe that our youth cheerleading and football program is a tremendous outlet for building self-esteem, teamwork, sportsmanship, and learning valuable life skills. The precepts learned in this program can assist your child in being successful in whatever endeavors they choose.
The Windsor Giants Board Members, Volunteer Coaches, and Parent Volunteers care about your children, and volunteer many hours to try and make the season a positive experience for the parents and participants!

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