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Congrad ladies for placing 3rd out of 11 strong ECFC Teams


I have heard that the girls go to a yearly competition, can you please tell me a little more about it?

This competition is meant to give the players a good goal to shoot for, just as the football players, and at the same time we try and keep it fun.

All four squads will go to competition.

A and B level squads are considered competitive and will compete against the other cheer squads in the CTYFL Cheerleading Division. Mighty Mites and "C"Squad don't compete, but they do participate in the Competition.

The C & Mites demonstrate exhibition routine for the audience, which builds a great foundation for when they become a "B" squad competitor. We would like to think of this as the girls' big game, this is there one big opportunity to shine during the season.


When is the yearly competition?

We are in the planning stages of this year's competition. More information will be communicated to you through your coaches when the plans are confirmed.

This year 10/28/2006..


Where is the yearly competition held?

Each year, the CTYFL Cheerleading Division selects a different venue. Due to the increase in towns that have recently joined the league, we are currently searching for a venue large enough to accomodate all of our cheerleaders.


What does my daughter wear as her uniform?

Each cheerleader will receive a uniform consisting of: shell (top), skirt, socks, and bloomers. The shell, skirt are to be returned at the end of the season, but, the socks and bloomers are yours to keep.


What kind of sneakers does she have to get?

Each cheerleader should also wear white cheer shoes. We have shoes available for purchase, please ask your coach or Equipment Manager For a order form.

Good Luck Ladies.....

Every year the girls compete in at least one Cheer Competition. They have a blast!

CTYFL League Cheer Competition:
Trinity College
300 Summit Street, Hartford, CT 06106

Sat., Oct. 27, 2007

There will be 2 sessions:
AM Session: 9 am (Doors open to public at 8am)
A-Teams compete and
Mighty Mites demonstrate their routines

PM Session: 2 pm (Doors open to the public 12:30pm)
C-Teams and B-Teams compete

Tickets:$7per Session (Must be purchased ahead of time) - NO Tickets will be sold at the door. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for either session, visit the concession stand at Sage Park Middle School during practice times.

Volunteers needed for each session. If you are able to volunteer at the event, please contact Jill Jenkins, Cheer Director at: KAICAD@aol.com

*****Information for add'l competitions to follow at later date*****

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